Saturday, May 14, 2011

Finale: 255 Final Completion

The website dailyburn can be a very useful tool for those looking to record and keep track of their progress. The tools to keep track of workouts, calories, progress and give help is very useful. Probably the biggest idea it uses is that of competition or motivation. By joining in groups and seeing others progress it pushes people to push themselves. In a classroom that can be enormous. Having friendly competition between students or classes can gain greater results for all. In my classroom i would use it to see what students are eating and doing so i can show them exactly it is they are doing. From experience you never really understand how much your eating or the exercise you are doing until you see it written down. Being part of the rockstarpe group is interesting but during the summer i train in a different way and also am not always on the same schedule so it is hard to keep up with updating online which can become repetitive. For those just starting a fitness plan it is a great way to stay on track.

As ive said this can be very useful educationally. To get Phys Ed on NYS Regents this can be used as a tool to show our students growth in fitness plans. By having them create online plans and having time to exercise during class will help us progress immeasurably. I could create a class group and have students share ideas of exercises or give them a break down of how many different exercises i would want. Making sure they have cardio, weight lifting, stretching, etc. Then each individual student would have their own goals we set up over time. Seeing what each student needs and tailoring it to their needs.

That leaves NYS Regents LS 1A. How do we see how our students are progressing towards their goal of 6+3/3. My solution is a video camera. You set it up 1 or 2 every class when watching students motor skills. This allows you to take a closer look at students with problems or if you cant see them all in class. Also you can give more feedback to help because you have had more time to break down their actions. This also can be used for testing. Record the students perform the action a whole class then watch later. This gives teachers more time to interact with each student and not worry about missing anything. It is another tool that can be used to improve lessons and learning. With the the recording it lets you take a closer look to fill out an assessment sheet to see if the students really are competent. For example if its a motor skill like shooting a free throw you would watch the video and compare your initial scores and see if you missed anything and fill it out again on a sheet like THIS. You would grade your students and assess them like you normally would. With some sort of rubric with points and each unit would have their own point total you would add it all up in the end to give a grade. A certain score would constitute competent while another would be proficient on any given activity. It can be adapted when it comes to grading but the use of a video camera can be helpful to anyone.

Technology is the new world. Such as websites like or videos, computers, projectors. Anything can be used you just have to figure out how.

Prezi Presentation: A New Way to Present

This is my first attempt at using Prezi. There is so much you can do with the program that this is just scratching the surface.