Sunday, November 21, 2010

Turkey Time at St Mary's

It was turkey time at St Mary's this past week. All the pilgrims and turkey games were in full effect.

As our time at St Mary's is coming to  a close we came back and had a Thanksgiving theme. I played Turkey ball and soccer with the older students also some two hand touch football. The older kids are into classical competitive type sports and games much different than the younger students. We finished the day with the turkey hokey pokey and another fun day of St Mary's came to and end but this time we left in the dark thanks to day light savings.

Next time we go back it will be our final day but it will be one of the most fun times of the year it will be the holidays.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

St Mary's SCARE

Our 4th trip to ST Mary's was the most exciting so far. Not only was there a giant whoopee cushion walking around but a clown, doctor, cowboy and a wild man.

Our 4th trip was for Halloween so of course we dressed up for the occasion. The kids loved the costume especially the whoopee cushion i might add (me). The response that i witnessed was the best so far, getting more comfortable with the kids helps but i think the costumes adds to it as well. Reading to the kids was a riot because you could only get a page our two without a comment coming up then its a chain reaction. Also be careful while asking a question because with the pre k it can lead to chaos with everyone trying to answer.Working with the pre k is a relief because they are always excited to play what ever game you can come up with which makes things a lot easier. This was my best week i believe to date and i hope to improve for the next lab.

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