Tuesday, November 2, 2010

St Mary's SCARE

Our 4th trip to ST Mary's was the most exciting so far. Not only was there a giant whoopee cushion walking around but a clown, doctor, cowboy and a wild man.

Our 4th trip was for Halloween so of course we dressed up for the occasion. The kids loved the costume especially the whoopee cushion i might add (me). The response that i witnessed was the best so far, getting more comfortable with the kids helps but i think the costumes adds to it as well. Reading to the kids was a riot because you could only get a page our two without a comment coming up then its a chain reaction. Also be careful while asking a question because with the pre k it can lead to chaos with everyone trying to answer.Working with the pre k is a relief because they are always excited to play what ever game you can come up with which makes things a lot easier. This was my best week i believe to date and i hope to improve for the next lab.

See my observations of the festivities here.

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