Sunday, October 24, 2010

Escaping St Mary's

It was a day full of super heroes at St. Mary's on Monday. Leaping from buildings, flying through the streets and returning the money to the Cortland Bank that the evil SUNY Cortland Students stole.

The kids were into the games this week and had lots of energy. I think that i personally improved how i interacted with the students and they listened more. Also our class as a whole is getting better and we know how to get the kids to respond to our instructions. The kids got really fired up in the last game we played where us college kids were the villains and the kids were heroes. The kids got vicious when playing the game and took it seriously it was quite amusing i got hit a few times in the action. I escaped the adventure intact and wait till our next lab which is Halloween. 

My teaching strategies, i believe, are improving and this is what i observed.

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