Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chapter 1:Quality versus Quantity. Why not Both?

After reading chapter one and going overall the things PE should be doing and incorporating i reviewed my PE program in my head and lets just say its not up to par. We had PE every other day so one week was 3 and the other was 2, that is not enough activity. Our budget was low and the program wasn't creative i honestly didn't learn any new skills after the 7th grade or earlier. We played mostly team sports and once we tested on them once we never practiced them again. Life time sports were near non existence. The point is my  school failed horribly like most schools do. They do not full fill the goals and standards of a Physical Educator. The chapter shows the many dimensions of what we as future Physical Educators need to do and a low budget cant get in the way of teaching kids to be healthy. We need PE at least 4 times a week ,it should be everyday, and we need to take the concepts we know from the book and put them into a great program that shows PE is integral to life.

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