Tuesday, September 28, 2010

PE Hall of Shame: Not so much the game themselves rather how they are taught.

The hall of Shame Games are very infamous indeed. For all the good movers and physically active kids these games were fine but for those who were on the fence about PE these games were a bad memory. If you take the old games at face value and how they used to be played a lot of them shout be forgotten however, some of the games can be modified to fit the standards of PE. Games like Tag, dodge ball and kickball were some of the best games we played at a younger age and made me look forward to recess and activity. Taking those games is not the answer all they need to be is modified. For example dodge ball instead of having the students throw at each other have them throw at a target in the back or if you get out have easy ways of students to get back in or remain active. Also use smaller and safer balls. Also tag can be modified in a multitude of ways. Such as movement patterns,area, number of taggers etc. A lot of these games aren't bad just their original forms and could be incorporated into a PE program.

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