Tuesday, January 25, 2011

PED 255 Teaching Blindside

Well on the first day of 255 we had to teach a 5 minute micro lesson. To see how i did before i critique myself watch the video shown above.

First thing i will discuss is the things i did well. I spoke to the students making sure they could hear what i was saying. I spoke clearly and demonstrated what i wanted them to do. For the 2 minutes i had to prepare i had a pretty clear idea of what i wanted to try to do in order.

Now some things i believe i need to work on. I could have spoken louder and checked for understanding a few more times. I spoke clearly, but if it were younger students it i may have spoken to fast. I also could have had a little more energy.

See some stills of me in action below. Also if you want to see my transcript click here.

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