Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Days; Another blow to fitness

When there are snow days in school every kid is full of excitement. No dull classes orsame routine. They do not have to get up early or get on the bus. I think of another side when i put my physical educator hat on. As in most school districts like mine PE is an every other day class. So on a snow day half the students miss there PE class which could be 1 of 2 for that week. If that is the only time that student gets physical activity it really makes our job that much harder. Where am i going with all of this you ask? A snow day just brings to mind more reasons why PE should be an every day class.

Its always the first to be sacrificed and always last in importance.We need more activity time and snow days just give us more reasons to do nothing. A stretch, possibly, but sometimes you have to look at the big picture. We need to cut down on things we can control that limit our activity because when its a snow day most people wont go out of their way to get that heart rate up. Also we can make winter activities seem more exciting. Snow shoeing, cross country skiing, meaning incorporate more things into your program.

Thinking of different scenarios and settings that you can mold lessons to can be a powerful thing. Students may decide to do one of the cool activities they learned in class that they can do in the snow or rain etc.

Just food for thought.

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