Monday, February 21, 2011

Spendin Time on Chapter Nine

Question 2: State at least five general principals that are implications for teaching from motivation theory

First off teachers need to create a positive teaching environment and by doing that they can then find ways for students to meet their needs in positive ways.

Second using  a variety of teaching strategies is a must. Doing the same thing every lesson can get boring. Command, command and then some more command can turn students off and can decrease productivity.

Use external forms of motivation with care. Having external motivators need to be used with care and in certain ways. Having them skill based can leave students out. It can be a very powerful tool if used properly.

Another principal i hold highly is to help students attribute their success and failure to a cause that they control. Effort, focus, listening to directions. When they think its something out of their control they can get frustrated and give up.

Lastly i believe an integral part to effective instruction is humor. Having humor creates the best environment for learning when done correctly. It relaxes everyone and is responded to well.

Question 3: Describe nine ways that teachers can promote the personal growth of students through personal interaction. 

1. Students names. Learning the names of your students and using them makes it a more personal and inviting relationship. Students are more prone to enjoy the class and participate with the basic form of recognition.

2. Be enthusiastic and positive about what you are doing. Very self explanatory in that if you are not exciting about what you are teaching the students will read that and not want to do it either. Being enthusiastic will get your students more excited.

3. Have a caring attitude towards students. Caring makes every students feel better, every person for that matter. When you show that you care they will respond positively. Care when they are off-task as well responding in the appropriate way can work wonders.

4. Reinforce basic school etiquette. Building a honest, respectful and positive environment and reinforcing it can carry over to out of the class room. Teachers must remember that what they teach gos much farther than the classroom.

5. Stop destructive behaviors ,don't ignore them. By ignoring you are promoting them because you show no consequence. Making it clear what is acceptable and what is not is vital to classroom harmony and student growth.

6. Do not be threatened by student misbehavior. Taking misbehavior personally and reacting negatively will be counter productive and can lead to problems for you and lack of student growth. Do not take it personally and work with the student in a positive manor to allow for them to grow.

7. Treat all students equitably and be aware of how you communicate with different students. Try not to only gravitate and give feedback to your best and worst students alone. The students in the middle cant be left out. Trying to reach every student should be a goal.

8.Learn to listen and observe students responses. Understanding your students and knowing what their reactions and small mannerisms mean can go along way. That way you know how motivate and help them because you understand what they need or want.

9.Challenge and track yourself. Knowing your goals and trying to grow as a person can help you help others. Setting goals for yourself to accomplish as well as following your own progress as a teacher and a person will help you grow.

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