Monday, February 28, 2011

Jump Rope Extravaganza

Lab B was my next adventure in 255. This time i had to teach a skill using jump ropes. My skill was the front cross. Now this took some thought on how to teach it and to relate the cues. It was interesting to see how i could do with an actual lesson. Lets take a look below.


To read what i said in more detail you can find my transcript here.

How do i feel about lab B?

In lab i think i worked on my voice some more projecting and i cut down on my instruction time. I still need to cut down on it a little more and this time i believe i would have been very solid had i gave more specific feedback and moved around the gym more. More positives would be my hook a good hook can have a big influence on how your lesson will go also my energy was close to where i wanted it. As always these labs are to help me get better and learn. After each lesson i see what i can do and what i need to work on and i believe i am improving my methods every time.

A good demonstration that you can explain in different ways to try to get the movement understood is vital to reaching every student. In my lesson i went over it and tried to explain it in different ways or to try new ways to approach the skill.

To see how my lesson broke down time wise you can click here for my time coding sheet.

Also to see my feedback form you can check here.

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