Tuesday, February 15, 2011

RunningThrough Chapter 7

More questions answered from the text below  for reading pleasure below.

Question 4: Teachers have direct effects on a class that can be both positive and negative. Some positive behaviors teachers can perform  are as follows. Maintaining a safe learning environment because no productive class can take place in  any other environment. Making sure tasks are clarified and reinforced to the learners. Observing and understanding student responses and body language. Responding to the learners with feedback to questions and your observations. Modifying a given task to help increase productivity and skill gained for a group or individual, making it easier or harder. Lastly having an overall productive learning environment.

Question 6: There are different ways to get off-task students back no track. One way is to change the task for the student to make it more challenging if that is the problem or vice versa.  Giving feedback to the student specifically but towards the whole class may get them motivated and excited again. By using certain types of feed back you can increase productivity and re-focus the class or individual students.

Question 7: Examples of types of feedback. (1)A statement that is general, positive, directed to the class and evaluative "Nice job jump roping today, the only thing we need to work on is turning those wrists". (2) Team B none of you are touching the bases, when you pass them you need to step on them." (3) I like how you stepped forward when you did your chest pass Ben, just make sure you aiming at the chest of who you are passing to."

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