Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chapter 2 Questions

This is my answers to the questions from chapter 2

Q3. What are the requirements for learning a motor skill? 
There are a list of requirements for learning motor skills. First the learner must have all the prerequisites in motor and physical abilities also developmental readiness. They must have a clear idea of how to perform the task and accurate motor program. Motivational/attentional disposition to the skill. There needs to be Practice. Finally make sure you give feedback.

Q3. What do each of these requirements mean for the teacher of motor skills?
For the prerequisites the teacher must do a task analysis to see what the prerequisites will be for the given skill. To full fill the clear idea of the task the teacher must make sure the students comprehend what is being asked and how they could do it. For the Motivational/ attentional  disposition to the skill the teacher must have original and exciting activities. Make sure there will be ample practice for skill development. The teacher needs to give feedback.

Q4. What is the difference between the way closed skills, open skills, discrete skills, and serial skills taught?

Open skilled should be taught by varying the environment because they are skills that do not take place in the same conditions. Closed skills are ones that take a place in the same environment and do not vary much so they should be taught in those settings. Discrete skills would be taught with few extra actions because they are quick and have a clear beginning and end. While serial skills are multiple skills in a row and would be taught with activities that would work on one part at a time and adds them together through more activities.

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