Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Challenges Every Day

As I move along in 255 and all my other PE courses i find new challenges to over come everyday. Physical and mental challenges come my way all the time. Some people frown on challenges and just wish everything was easy. I on the other hand welcome these challenges because they help me grow as a future educator. Having everything handed to you doesn't prepare you for the real world. Being able to problem solve and think on your feet is vital for a healthy and successful career in PE. You never know what you will get.

Moving on to another topic i would like to discuss is a story i read on the Rockstarpe blog. Apparently NY is thinking about requiring license plates to ride a bicycle to generate money. This is an awful idea. Yes we need money but there are other things we can do to dig ourselves out of the hole we dug. Making physical activity less appealing to those that already don't like it is awful for our field. If all someone does is ride a bicycle now they may not even do that. This is just another sign that we need to support and advocate many different ways to stay active throughout our life. At this rate you might have to pay by the mile every time you run.

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